Where focus goes
Energy flows

Who we are

Biowhiz Oils is a small used cooking oil (UCO) collector and recycling company with health and safety as a priority.  A goal driven business with a team that will surely walk the extra mile to keep their clients happy,  for their peace of mind.  We have extensive experience in various sectors of the business world and strongly believe that we can uplift our community with our contribution towards a greener environment.

If large scale recycling of UCO was to be implemented today, it would create many jobs.   Some of the fields that will benefit from recycling UCO include information technology, engineering, sales, marketing, accounting, and training among others.

Our experienced leaders make sure that all your needs are met respectfully.  Our mission is to surpass your expectations with peace of mind.

Our vision is to become a large innovative UCO collector that will result in job creation in our community.

People Excellence - People are the oxygen of our business.  Agility of our safe operations - simple and transparent.  Innovative & Connected approach - "Where focus goes, energy flows"